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Best PDF Tools is a BEST 100% free set of PDF converters, modifiers and protectors.

It allows you to convert various file formats to PDF and vice versa; modify, remove and extract pages in PDF, merge or split PDF, add text or watermarks.

With the help of the Best PDF Tools you are enabled to encrypt and protect your PDF files, set metadata, sign documents and much more.

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Best PDF to Word Converter

Convert your PDF files to Word (Doc) format. The easier way to make your PDF documents editable.

Best Word to PDF Converter

Convert your Word (Doc/DocX), RTF, TXT files to PDF format.

Photo to PDF Converter

Make PDF document from your photos. Convert images (JPG, BMP, PNG, EMF, WMF) to PDF file. Use this tool for creating photo-album or a document composed of scanned pages.

Document to PDF Converter

Convert Word (Doc/DocX), RTF, TXT, HTML, Excel, images to PDF format. A universal all-to-PDF converting tool.

XLS Excel to PDF Converter

Convert Excel (XLS/XLSX/XLSM) files to PDF document with ease.

Best PDF Converter

A universal PDF converting software. Convert popular formats to PDF, and to convert PDF to other formats.

Combine PDF

The easier way to combine several PDF files into single document. In addition it allows you to modify converted files.

PDF Separator

Divide PDF onto multiple documents. Split by files or by pages. Extract separate pages or remove unwanted pages from original PDF. Extract text and images from PDF.


Modify, merge, split and protect PDF files with ease. The easy-to-use PDF manipulation tool. It allows you to crop, rotate or remove pages in PDF document. Sign, protect, set permissions. Change metadata. Add watermarks.


The famous format for documents and e-books PDF (Portable Document Format, or Page Description Format, that is, the format that describes the page) is known for the fact that documents in PDF look the same even on fundamentally different systems (for example, PC and MAC). Other advantages of PDF include the ease-of-use and compactness.

This format opens up great opportunities for creation of electronic books, manuals and libraries. Now anyone can create an electronic version of a document or book and publish it on the Web.

However, it is almost impossible to edit PDF files. There are special computer programs (like our Best PDF Tools) which can help you to make some changes to the PDF file structure, but it is not possible to edit PDF natively, from the Adobe Reader.

The PDF format is so convenient and simple that it is widely used by numerous publishers. Also, this format is often used for creating a various technical documentation, instructions, manuals and so on.

Developers use PDF in their work precisely because the format is almost not editable. When, for example, the documentation is created in HTML, then everyone is able to edit the source file, and then place it on the Web. With PDF, it is impossible. In addition to protection from editing, any user can use his official signature to sign up the document. Our software can help with it.


PDF is a great format for reading, but it is impossible to edit it with the native software - Adobe Reader. Therefore we have developed several tools which can help you to modify, extract and even to edit the content of PDF files.

Let's consider possible tasks when working with the PDF format:

PDF Creation

You will not be able to create a new PDF document using Adobe Reader. But you can use our Document to PDF Converter to solve this problem. At first, create a new document in one of these formats: RTF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, HTML. After that install and run our tool. Add your original document to the list, configure the program, and run Conversion. You'll get your new PDF file on output.

PDF Editing

In order to edit PDF files, you can use either PDF to PDF, either the Best PDF Converter. PDF to PDF allows you to make small modifications in the PDF file: to crop or rotate pages, to remove or extract pages. You can also put a text or picture onto the pages of PDF, using the "Watermark" operation. In addition, you can sign your PDF, set privilegies, change metadata and so on.

With the help of PDF Converter, you can at first to convert PDF to some editable format, e.g. DOC. Then edit it with MSWord, and to export back to PDF.

Convert Paper Documents to PDF

All you need is to scan your papers. Then install Photo to PDF Converter and use it to convert your scanned files into PDF format. You can even make some additional modifications in converted files.

Join or Split PDF

This task is also not possible with the native Adobe software. But you can easily do it with our Combine PDF, and PDF Separator. The first tool enables you to merge any number of PDF files into the single document. And the second one can do an inverse operation: to divide PDF document onto multiple files.

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